Sunday, June 20, 2004

Greek Salad

Ray is a great guy and also a good cook! He used to work in an Italian restaurant in Toronto years ago. As he says he started as a dishwasher and was promoted step by step. Once he was responsible for salads. May be that's where he learned how to make Greek Salad. It's a great meal, full of vitamins, protein and minerals. His ingredient is a little bit different from what I found on the net. May be just two items. But the salad is still delicious and tasty, with almost the same nutrition.
This is the list:

Large tomatoes
Artichoke hearts (Ray uses avocado)
A handful of olives
1 medium cucumber
1 medium onion
1 big green pepper
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
Feta Cheese
Oregano, salt and pepper to taste

Simply cut the vegetable (Except olive, of course) add cheese, olive, olive oil, vinegar and seasonings and mix them. Ready to serve. Enjoy!
(Photo: This is the Greek Salad I made using Ray's recipe)

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