Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Lessons Learnt from Job Offers and Interviews

I found a new opportunity in my field, but not as an engineer last Sat. and applied for that online. The job as a Quality Control Technician was posted by a recruiting agency in Downtown Calgary. As I knew later, it's in 5th Ave. SW, Petro-Canada building. The agency is called Randstad. They called me but first I didn't know who they were. Therefore I didn't pick up the phone. As they left a message and I listened to it, I found out that, it's them. Made everything (My resume, cover letter and the company profile) ready and called them. Nobody answered. I left a message and gave my number.
In the afternoon of Sun. while me and Keiv. were in our way to a Domino's Pizza to meet a guy who works there and also in a spring manufacturer company to see if there's any opportunity there, my mobile rang and a young girl started talking and said I had called her number. This is Mina! (Probably an East Indian) I understood that I dialed a wrong number, apologized and get her number to avoid mixing up again with the recruiter's. I called the recruiter, Mon. in the morning and he set up an interview for today at 09:00 AM.
I woke up at 07:30 today and got ready to go. The only damn problem was the f**king tie! I still don't know how to wear a tie! Therefore I called Keiv. and woke him up and asked if he can help me with that. He said yes, obviously and I drove to his place, while it was already late. In my way to Keiv.'s I called the guy and said that I would be a little late. I would be there around 09:15 AM. By the time I was in 5th Ave. SW, by Petro-Canada building, It was 09:11 AM, I guess. I tried to park the car in the parking in front of the building but there was a motherf**ker, stupid, I guess, Latino faggot, who said there was no room for my car. I turned back and saw he let the car behind me in! It was too late and I drove back home!
What I learnt is:
1- I never apply for a job as a Technician again.
2- I try to set up all the interviews in the morning, if they are in f**king Downtown!
3- I have to learn how to wear a damn tie, by myself!

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