Thursday, December 21, 2006

Faded, The Same or Increased?

I did the CF Aptitude Test today. It was harder than I thought but I passed. There was nothing to write or check. The test was provided through a computer based system. The vocabulary part was really hard and there was so little time to do that. The questions compare to the examples we have been given already were very difficult. For example they say " What is the opposite of sad? " and the answers are busy, happy, active and real. Every one is able to pick the right one easily but in the test they, for instance, say " What's the synonym for pseudonym? "

Anyhow I passed it but something else came up after that. An officer, a captain, a French-Canadian, I guess, because he had strong accent (I speak English better than him!) explained a form to me which is called Security Clearance Form. This is the way that the Federal Government scrutinizes your life in past 10 years in order to find out what you have done and whether or not you are clear. I don't have any issue with that at all but according to what he said as I wan't born in Canada and my background before my immigration must be completely checked and that is in Iran, that might take a long time to be processed. He said that it could be from 6 month to 2 years! But I don't believe that's that. May be he didn't like me because of my background or he's very pessimist according to the recent Canada-Iran conflicts. It's partially because of that idiot photographer, Kazemi who got herself killed by shooting protesters outside a horrifying prison near Tehran. There's a proverb in Persian: " One crazy idiot throws a small rock in a water well, 100 wise can't take it out. " That asshole made everything dark and gloomy by her stupid behaviour and thousands of immigrants and refugees are suffering from that.
But that doesn't hurt me. I provide them with all the information and wait. I understand that's a very important job I'm applying from them. It's a leadership position as an engineering officer in the Navy and I have a very big commitment and responsibility but I'll do my best and I'll be very proud and joyful to do that. I'm goin' to prove them that I can be a very good team player and team leader, a hard working, loyal and honest member of CF and I serve Canada responsibly.
(Photo: Canadian Navy or Royal Canadian Navy [although I haven't seen that] logo)

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