Monday, December 11, 2006

Luck and Chance

I never believed in luck before my immigration and living in this part of the world. All I always believed in was how hard I try, study and work. But that is gone now. What has happened after wasting 5 best years of my life here? Nothing actually! So many good opportunities and interviews are all gone and I'm at the verge of losing everything. Alfa, whom I wrote about his defeat and return to Iran, is back to the US and has a good job in MA now. He was completely broke and was using his credit cards and his visa was expired. Now he's back on track and got a visa for three years. When I was talking to him last weekend on the phone he was complaining of loneliness but he'll be fine. He's not a special guy. Even his language is terrible but ... you never know. That's where luck helps you.
I still have a few opportunities waiting for me, which I'll write about them in detail later but there's no guarantee. Besides that Dec. and Jan. are not hiring months. If I don't get EI, I won't be able to survive for a long time and I have to pack and go back. That's the truth and that's bitter but that's what it is and I accept that. May be I'm simply not good. May be I suck. I have been doing a lot of thinking, may be not a lot! but haven't found any solution.
(Photo: There are different signs of good luck in Western culture, including a horse shoe but I still don't believe in that esp. when there are a few rusted ones piled up together!)

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