Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Real 2.4

I ran the inner lane of the track today and that was 12 laps. That was the real 2.4 KM and I didn’t better than 11:59:799. It’s quite far away from what I claimed in my application form for the position in CF. That’s 10:50 or 10:40, as far as I remember! Almost 1 minute longer! Hence I have to work my ass off to get as close as possible to that damn time. I don’t know my chances but what I know is I have to tell them that it was a syntax error!
(Photo: This photo, taken by P. M. months ago, shows track No. 1 of Talisman Centre and all its lanes. The closest to the guardrail is the one I'm talking about. It's 200 m long. If you have keen eyes, you'll see a shadow of a runner in lane 2! That's me and that's how a stupid takes a photo!)

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