Sunday, December 31, 2006

13 Days Out of 15

Yesterday I had my last day of jugging practice in Talisman for month of Dec. Although I was tired as that was the third consecutive day, I gained an almost alright time. But what I started doing after Dec.08 is instead of running the short lane which takes 12 laps to finish 2.4 Km, I performed the exercise on the longest lap and did only 10 lamps which makes 2.33 Km.
This month’s performance is not so bad but the question is how long I can and I should keep this up? CF answer to my application for that job in the Navy is very unclear. If what that man in recruiting centre said is true and the background check takes a long time, I think that’s just stupid. Thanks to Kamix who told me not just to rely on that job. I’ve applied for other positions as well and waiting for the holiday is over and then continue career hunting.
Anyhow this is this month’s performance. I’m not goin’ for work out and exercise today as I was up until 12:30 at Hodani’s place (Thank God he didn’t get drunk this time surprisingly!) and am very tired. I’ll have a complete multiple-month performance analysis soon.
(Photo: Chart of 13 days of running practice in Dec. of '06)

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