Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stranger Than Fiction

I spent the last discount ticket from my previous job on Stranger Than Fiction tonight. First I was going to watch new Mel Gibson’s movie, Apocalypto or the new comedy, The Holiday. Then I thought it’s better to catch the movie I wanted to a few weeks ago. And luckily I didn’t get out unhappy. I was sad off and on during the movie but I was happy at the end that I didn’t waste my last ticket and time on some shit movie.
First of all it’s about average North American people movie, single, middle aged, doing the same shit every day, machine life. And that’s what makes me puke. And there’s how they fall in to a relationship, seeing someone regularly and then sleep with her or him which leads the person to a patron!
All of these are the things that you either might do or might see in your daily life in any corner of North America. But what is amazing about the movie, is the author lady who narrates this story and the way the main character finds out about the story and reacts.
Simply put if you wanna see something different and if you wanna laugh and also get sad, don’t miss it. Catch it before it’s faded from the big screen because it this time of the year many good and bad movies come up and it’s almost difficult to make a decision which one worth watching.
(Photo: Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a young bakery owner in the movie who is audited by an IRS agent. I saw her first time in Secretary, the movie which has made her notable. I, myself, didn't find anything special in the movie but a few erotic scenes!)

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