Monday, December 11, 2006

Gift Cards

When I opened my mailbox today, I noticed there's a mail from my landloard. And as I'm most of the time and habitually a pessimist (damn me!) I thought that's a warning or something worse!
But what I saw was completely surprising: A Safeway gift card! Gift cards are common here and you can buy and give it to someone you like and he or she goes and buys whatever her wants and enjoys. Most of the famous franchises have gift cards with different values. I was really happy. It's absolutely rare to receive something like this in Christmas season from this cold people in this cold country. Although I'm sure the same thing has been sent to the other tenants as well (may be not) but I remember the people in Amhurst Property Management Ltd. have been always nice to me, esp. the lady who showed me the apartment at the beginning. There were at least 12 people and I was finally chosen to be the tenant. I guess the people in the company, I mean the main people are originally from India or somewhere like that. I say that based on their feature and names. But it doesn't matter where they are originally from. What matetrs is they are very nice people and I rocommand them in case you want to have business with them. But remember, it all depends on how you behave. They might not be nice to people who postpone their rent or damage the property or complain too much!
(Photo: The $15 Safeway gift card that I received from my landlord. Not bad ... Ha?)

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