Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nov. is the Best So Far

I'm getting better at running and my total time is decreasing as it's shown in the above chart. That's probably because I'm losing weight. This month I got my best time and that was in Nov.30 as I wrote in the previous post. I probably start running in the inner lane this month because I know the exact length (Every lap is 200 m) and that helps to record the time. I have to make 12 laps instead of 10 that I have been doing so far in the second lane. Or may be I find out how to measure the area of that oval shape track and stay in the second. I will have a four months comparison at the end of Dec.
(Photo: The chart for running in Nov. of 06 shows a downward in the total time. Day 8 should be omitted based on special cause law. The number of days also went down due to my illness in this month and unemployment shock)

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