Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dig the Hole, Steal the Minaret

A. J. came here for the first time after he had gotten back from his trip-vacation-holiday(!) I was there earlier because I knew if I had not been to the house, there would have been advices coming to me, with a loud tone!
So here I am, sitting on an empty pale of paint, cleaning trowels by rubbing them together (what a thoughtful job!) and A. J. steps in, wearing a big smile. I was quite surprised but didn’t show my emotions. We greeted and got back to work immediately. He didn’t say much about the house and what had been done by me. Then when he found a minute, he showed me a couple of suitcases he had brought to me for my trip and again surprisingly showed me the souvenir he had! I was again surprised because I didn’t expect that and they didn’t have to. That was very nice. It's always nice you realize that there are people, just a few people in this world of more than 6 Billion, who care about you, even if that’s just a little. A box of chocolate bars or a bottle of beverage might not worth much but triggers an emotion. I, happily got that for the second time again today and that was when I checked my phone and found out that there's a message from my Danish cousin asking if I was going there or not this Jan.
Then what happened was quite interesting: A. J. has had a problem with one of his contractors and we were discussing the issue with him after the work. The guy said that he had bought a lot for almost $400,000 and for that he works 7 days a week! And A. J. told him about his assets and debts in exchanges. I was sitting quietly and was just listening to those two idiots! Sorry to call them that but I have no balls to buy a lot, not even a popular vehicle in this country because I know if what happened to me in 2006 just before Christmas, happens again while I’m financing a car or paying mortgages, I’ll be screwed up completely. Jeff, another guy who does electrical wiring and other kinds of crappy jobs, has bought an apartment recently too. He has dug him in a shit-hole, like most of the people in North America. But I believe that I should dig a hole and then steel the minaret so I have somewhere to hide it.
Here, it’s so fucking hard to make a few bucks but money easily slides off your fist! Everywhere you go you’re tempted to spend your money: They offer you credit cards, buy one get the second one for half price, we pay your first three payments, house mortgage and many other deals(!) but the fact is they just want you to be a consumer and that’s all because that’s how Capitalism works: presenting new products and producing and manufacturing more and encouraging people to purchase more. There was news last night saying company X actually spend more money to market a product than research and development of it! I won’t get tempted and cheated by none of them, as long as I can.
Anyway I'm goin' too far. They where talking and talking and they were both wrong, A. J. because he first trusted him and then didn't the guy because he was so stubborn and a complete moron (Imagine someone who does a labour job 7 days a week to pay of a big load of money!) and finally it was A. J., the soft-hearted guy who gave up and accepted what he asked him!

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