Monday, January 07, 2008

The Road You Make It Together

I've got so close to FF in last 3 to 4 months that if I don’t receive on-time reply from her, get really upset! She’s not only a beautiful girl, but also understanding, smart and kind. I don’t know how I fall for someone whom hasn’t been met once!
I believe that we all are born once and have to walk a road called life to the end and at the end is the end! That would be all. And people walk that way sometimes alone, sometimes with a companion, sometimes quickly, at times as slow as molasses, being spilt off a cup. Everybody has own way of walking through but eventually everybody one day needs a mate to be safe in this bumpy rood. I truly believe in that but I still think that I’m making a mistake goin’ to see her and probably marry her later. Nevertheless this might be the last chance for me!
FF told me her sister has been living in Germany for almost 12 years and she actually went there first with her family and claimed refugee. That’s I think a good girl to marry because she stands by her husband in the tough times of life. I might be in a better situation, if I was married at the time I started a new life in this side of the world or if I could have found someone for me in the last 6 years.
I know it’s exciting to see the family; relatives and friends after more than 6 years but at the same time have a bad feeling too. Not to mention it’s very good to meet a nice, pretty young girl who actually is waiting for me and has a feeling. The bad feeling which is scratching me from inside is because I know if everything goes well, I have to go there again next year. And that’s what I don’t like! The money I have to spend is not the only reason, although I have spent more than $1800 for the damn ticket so far, the feeling that I get by going back to the environment once I was trying hard to escape from, bothers me.
But I have no choice because I’ve made my mind and I’m leaving in less than a week. The other good part is spending 3 weeks in Europe which I will cover it day by day.

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