Sunday, January 06, 2008

Eagle Watching

Village of Brackendale, a small community attached to Squamish is the winter home of Bald Eagle. People from everywhere rush to the village to watch Eagles. There’s one spot in Government Road by Squamish River. It gets really crowded specially in weekends. People bring their binoculars and extra giant zoom lenses and enjoy the views. Fortunately there’s no bridge to cross the river. So the other side is a safe place for wildlife. When I was in high school, I always wanted to have a camera and it took until I got my first job and then bought it and I still have it. Not to mention that the first thing that I bought using the money I had earned myself was a gift for my Mom.
Then years passed and I enjoyed my camera but then I wanted a zoom lens! And I still would like to have one. The lenses people in Eagle watching spot carry, God! is enormous. I mean it’s big and probably able to have a close up of the Eagle’s claw! So for that reason the photos I have taken from the Eagles are not good.
So if you’re going to B. C. and found yourself in Sea To Sky Highway, have your camera or binocular handy and stop by for a morning or afternoon full of Eagles. And don’t forget your lens, if you want a nice close up.
(Photo: The only reason that you can prove that this is an Eagle is its white head and sharp beak if you can see it in the picture! Oh! and by the way the other one is just a crow)

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