Friday, January 18, 2008

Roman-Germanic Museum of Cologne

We spent a few valuable hours in the Roman-Germanic Museum yesterday. As Cologne (or in German, Koln) is a city which used to be inhabited by Romans, its culture roots to the Romans. There are thousands of pieces shown in the museum. Most of them tagged with the street address of where it has been dag out in the city!
I still was a little tired of the yesterday’s exercise in the gym so after that we went to a McCafe which is a cafe in a McDonald’s restaurant and that’s the only place which you can get a good cup of coffee in this city, and relaxed for a few minutes. You can find Starbucks and other chain restaurants here as well as other coffee shops but the coffee is either not good or very expensive.
I tried to make the girls understand what I want but finally my coffee was served with whipped cream on the top instead of cream in it! Not to mention that a tall coffee costs €2.5! At least it’s edible.
Then we had a little window-shopping and walking around, Cyrus’s favourite hobbies(!) and did night photography. We crossed Rhine over the main train bridge – which its German title is so difficult to pronounce and write – walking along the riverside and then crossed back over a vehicle bridge.
There’s one neighbourhood alongside the river which is a kind of entertainment centre with bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes. We stopped for an ice cream and that was our final stop.
(Photo: City of Koln in 300 to 400 years AD, taken from a painting in the museum)

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