Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stupid Stingy

I finally got so angry with Cyrus that made me having a verbal abuse with him! It was mostly because his stupidity and cheapness. I asked him before my trip if he needs anything and he said he didn’t. But when I arrived I noticed that he does not have many basic things that you might need daily. For example the idiot has paid more than €800 for a laptop but has no saltcellar, no mirror for the bathroom, no curtain for the windows and no light on ceilings!
He didn’t provide me any mattress so I had to lay down on thin blankets on the floor and that made me almost sleepless since I stayed in his place. So yesterday I was so tired and the way different people treated me drove me crazy! First I wanted to get something to eat and like every time he said that he didn’t want anything. Then I got a Coca Cola and the bitch charged me €2.5 for a fucking bottle (The regular price should not exceed €1.5) Then I went to a currency exchange place and the fucking bastard wanted to give me only €8 for CND $20! Motherfucker!
We after that decided to check the banks. The asshole is not even able to use a public phone! Forget about the addresses! So we wasted a few minutes to find a bank! We found Dresdner Bank and Deutsche Bank. The administration fee was reasonable, only €1.5, but I was told that it applies to any amount of money which is being exchanged which is understandable. Not to mention that different people passed at all around the bank until we found the right person! Things got a little easier in Deutsche Bank but the exchange rate is so high in there, €4.5! So I got back to the previous place and got a little money from ATM.
We went back home while we wanted to visit the museum but because the same crap was heard in there as well (No credit card!) we got back home after I got my ticket to Copenhagen! We rested for a while and in the afternoon we were cooled down a bit. So Cyrus took me to a gym, called fitness company which we had visited earlier this week and I spent hour and half in there while he was roaming around outside.
(Photo: Giant metal spheres in front of the main entrance of Deutsche Bank in Downtown Koln)

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