Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pacsha and a Little More on Koln

We got into train and went to see inside of the Cathedral yesterday. Train is the most popular vehicle in Germany for internal city and city to city, even country to country travels. I bought a weekly pass and I can go everywhere I want for €18.9.
We both sat beside two Turkish girls. Turks are the largest foreigners in Germany. We started talking and although they were not fluent in English I tried to communicate through Cyrus but he’s an idiot. When I invite her to a coffee she said something indicating that she was busy but she was eager. Cyrus, the idiot, wanted to go and fix one of his numerous problems so we let them get off at their stop after the girl who introduced herself as Ayesha shock hand with me. I held her hand for a few second but they were gone.
We wasted a few hours waking form this street to that street for just a few Euros Cyrus was trying to get back and then we went to the Cathedral again. This time we climbed all the way up. There’s a €2 admission fee for that and worth it. You can see Rhine and the city from there. It’s beautiful but of course it’s much better if you have this vacation in summer and your companion is someone but Cyrus, a stingy fucked up fellow!
He then took me to Pascha, a very nice whorehouse but as he’s an idiot we had to walk for more than half an hour by a highway. Actually the place is partially consists of two few story buildings separated by a street. One building as Cyrus said but I didn't go to is strip club and the other one is where you can have sex with women.
You basically just walk in and there’s no reception or doorman. There are rooms like prison cells. A bed, a TV set and a bathroom are all you see in the room and a girl in panties and bra is sitting on a stool. Most of them were blond, cuties with slim bodies. Cyrus told me to go all the way up and in the last floor, the 4th there was a very pretty Black girl. I went in with her. We talked a little and for €50 she accepted to have sex with me for 20 minutes! But she kept asking me to go to ATM and get money for more! I was tired and I just wanted to lie down beside her, hugging her and kissing her magnificent body. We both undressed and I started kissing her all over. She had very smooth skin. She was surprised and scared for whatever reason and a little excited too! I asked her if I can see her pussy and she showed it to me but when I asked her to pee for me and ride me she said she would only suck and fuck!
She put a condom on me and started giving me a head; that was not bad. Then lied on her back and asked me to fuck her. I slid it in but didn't feel much. She had a big pussy and wearing a condom plus being tired as a lack of enough sleep in last few days, made it not a pleasant sex. I pumped her a little and then she asked me to do her dogie style. It felt a little better and but I came not after a long time. She was breathing heavily and enjoying a bit. I laid on my back and she removed the condom and cleaned my cock. I dressed shortly after and we left. I think that was not a bad experience but could have been much better if I had done it with a Caucasian girl and while I was not tired.
After all it’s a good sexual experience for someone who’s on vacation and has enough money to spend.
(Photo: I took this on our way up in the spiral stairs of the Cathedral. The picture shows part of Rhine and at left you can see the scaffold has been put for repairing the damages to the old cathedral)

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