Monday, July 24, 2006

A Very Dirty Toilet

That stupid clash between Lebanon and Israel still is going on and seems there's no near end to that. I really give a shit what happens to Lebanon or Israel. Let them kill each other to the last person. My concern is Canada where I am in at the moment and exerted too much effort to get in here, legally, and still am struggling. That's all because I wanted to be away from all that fundamentalism, fanaticism and third world country culture. I wanted a peaceful and nice place to live and enjoy everything I like.
But in the past 2 years this side of the globe, the supposedly very cold part, have been turned to the biggest and filthiest public toilet in the world.
There was a time that the country mostly accepted educated people and in case people who was really in need of a higher standard of living. People who were not very different in culture and was easy for them to adopt themselves to North American type of life. But now the door is opened and everyone is coming in. They turned it to a real shithole. The one that you smell it everywhere.
You go to the North East part of the City where Afghans, Arabs, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians, Kurds and such people live, you'll see streets like MumbaiDacha, Kandahar or Karachi. (Don't ask if I was there!) Rubbish is all over the place. Disgusting smell annoys you. People don't even know what recycling means! Most of them are not able to speak English after years of living in here. Telling you about driving, almost all of them pass the driving exams by cheating or bribery.
But what all these have to do with the Israel-Lebanon fight, thousands of miles away? Many people has fled to Canada as a result of Israel's attacks to Lebanon. These people are considered Canadian because for example they have lived for 4 years in last 10 years and received a Canadian Citizen-cheap (Instead of citizenship!) They really give a damn to Canada. I'm not more catholic than Pop but Canada is just a temp. harbor for them. They were complaining about the Government slow evacuation program!
Why Canada is doing this? They probably say we let this people in, they work, they make money, they pay taxes and that's fine. But these idiots doesn't see the drawback.
But there’s something about the Blacks and that’s some special gifts (!) they have given to North American society. Among them are Hip Hop music (What an intellectual and intelligent work of art!), Basketball and Football (Honesty without them NBA, CFL, and NFL would be meaningless) and their strong sex drive (Lack of this would kill Canadian girls! Poor them!) In the light of this condition Blacks are mostly are very welcomed in Canada. At times you see advertising programs on TV that encourage you to donate to humanitarian organizations who travel to Africa or guide you how to adopt a child (And why not a boy? Your Canadian girl would benefit enormously later! You kill two birds with one stone)
(Photo: Don't let the look fools you. Open it up and see the dirt and mess. Don't forget to hold your noise or you'll faint!)


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