Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lay Offs from Secure Jobs

I was just goin' through the Sat. news and another disappointing news hit me, this morning. While the officials are talkin' about the recovery and actually there's many different versions of it, I just read that the City of Vancouver will lay off up to 180 permanent full-time employees soon! It's not clear what jobs will go but it could be anywhere from operations to even firefighters. VPD which is part of City of Vancouver will slow down hiring and that means longer wait to be responded when they are called. These are all must be done to compensate the budget deficit that the City is facing with. Property taxes are also going up as much as 2% to help the City as well. What else can I say? Not even a firefighter's job is secure these days, a job which is considered very risky and I call it very boring!

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