Saturday, November 14, 2009

Least We Forget

I'm not a war man, I don't support wars but at the same time I believe some of them are inevitable and justified. I appreciate the US's engagement in Iraq since 2003. Iraqis must have been punished for their invasion of Iran, Kuwait, killing of their own Kurdish people of north and harboring the traitors of P. M. O. I. And don't say that it was not the Iraqi people, it was Saddam. It actually was Iraqi people, a majority of them who backed up Saddam regime. So they deserve what's happening to them.
Talking about wars we have Canada's mission in Afghanistan which will end in 2011. I don't support that war but I'm not blind to see what's happening. Canada had to send its troops because the US, its main ally wanted it. You can't say No to a close friend many times when he asks you for a favour. Canada said No once in Iraq and had to say Yes in Afghanistan and is suffering as a result of that. More than 100 Canadians have been killed in there so far and big bucks are being spent. These poor guys and gals who are mostly coming from small towns of the country where's there's not many jobs available should not be forgotten and left after they're back. That's what Remembrance Day is for. The day which originally was to pay tribute to the soldiers of the WW I. A. F., an Army reservist, told me once that many of those guys are racist basically because they are grown in small communities where there's no foreigner. I don't blame them. I'd probably act the same. Many foreigners here in Canada are more racist compare to original European settlers, the Caucasians especially some East Indians and Chinese.
Anyway that's what I wanted to say about the soldiers who lose their life for their country. Canada Post has recently issued a new stamp to honer the ones who sacrifice their life and I just a pair today. You see it up here.
(Photo: The recently issued stamp by Canada Post with a P sign at bottom right which indicates that no price adjustment affects this product and is a domestic stamp)

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