Thursday, November 05, 2009

Weight Watcher

I have been trying to keep a healthy for years but it's really isn't easy especially here in Canada because almost everywhere you go, you're surrounded by fattening, sugary and full of carbohydrate food. Back home it's all rice, rice, bread, bread, and again the same! You barely get out of that cycle which has no more better affect! Nevertheless fruits and vegetables are more natural and tastier over there but there's no education. Something you get here a lot from different media.
The said above turns to fat in my body and make me more inflated! I guess that's because I have a low rate metabolism. I started to keep an eye on my weight this past Oct., writing it done every day I would go to gym. The results doesn't seem right, basically because the weight is not fixed at the beginning, middle and end of the exercise. I made the table and drew the chart anyway. All I have to do is to make sure that I get it done everyday after I finished exercises.
(Photo: Simply a record of my weight in Kg in seven days of Oct.)

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