Sunday, November 08, 2009

Richmond Olympic Oval

We paid a visit to Richmond Olympic Oval last week. That is a huge building for indoor activities and designed for speed skating, mainly. It has a 400 m. track which is as unique as the building itself. The Federal Government and the Provincial Government funded the $178 million building. The roof which can be seen in the above photo (Sorry! Did not get a better shot!) is made out of pine beetle trees of northern B. C. and again is unique in not only North America but also the entire world. The ice which can be seen, again, partially in the photo is 1 in. thick ,maximum, and has a blue and a white section, like any other track. The blue or inner side is for warming up and the white or outer, is meant for the race or competition.
The tour took only about 15 min. but was good enough. The gentleman also said that there was no seat left, are all sold out. So it's very unfortunate that we won't be able to see any race. Canada has good speed skaters including Cindy Klassen whom I personally met once in Calgary International Airport.
Anyhow that worth the trip but good for the people who actually can watch the live performances and also good for the young kids, like the ones in the photo, who can actually practice ice skating and enjoy their childhood in such a nice and wonderful sport complex.
(Photo: Richmound Olympic Oval from inside with the kids practicing ice skating on the track)

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