Saturday, November 07, 2009

This Is It

We finally watched This Is It last Wed. I'm not disappointed but not thrilled though. The first hour of the documentary was really boring and could not help looking at my watch. Then it got a bit better. I think they could have made it much better by starting from when Michael started with Jackson 5 and just go through his life, his allegations and everything but I guess they didn't want to lose any time. They simply wanted to make the hay when the Sun shines!

Another thing is the legal restriction. I don't know what M. J. had put in his will which he prepared in 2002. There could be something like I don't want my kids up for any show or I don't want anything about my personal life revealed.

Anyways it's amazing what a guy can do at the age of 50 and after almost 4 decades. If you like Michael Jackson and his songs then there's a right movie for you. There was a moment that I really felt bad and that was the time he was singing his Jackson 5 hit, I'll Be There. He mentioned his brother's names and there were shots of him when he was singing that both at childhood and 50. I still like listening to all of his songs and I have a good collection of them.
(Photo: Michael Jackson at the rehearsal for This Is It tour with the Australian guitar Player)

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