Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Idiots to Work With

I've already written about one huge and brain-destroying problem everyone might have at work and that's having an asshole as a comrade, co-worker, colleague.
Today I thought I can't stop writing about that shithead, R. S.! Here are a few of his quotes:
1- On N1H1 vaccine: I was vaccinated once 20 years ago and that protects me from all sorts of diseases forever (!!!!)
2- On smoking cigarette as he's a chain smoker. I asked him once how he would have rated his joy of smoking if he wanted to rate him between 1 and 10 and he said 0! Then he said that he feel the cigarettes are a little bit addictive (!!) because the companies add Marijuana to them (!!!!)
3- On rebuilding and renewing a long sidewalk in a tourist-attractive neighbourhood using Canada Action Plan funds: Why would they spend a million and a half here. That's my money. This is my tax money(!!)
What a fucking idiot!

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