Friday, November 27, 2009

Stanley Park (2)

I had my second visit to Stanley Park last night, this time with F. F. It had been three years since my first visit. I started from the totem poles this time. They're magnificent but obviously every park is really nice in late spring and early summer where flowers are everywhere and it's all green. Or in a real winter when it's covered with snow. We walked for almost 3 hours and went to Lions Gate Bridge. It gets dark at about 16:30 hours these days so we had the opportunity to see the bridge and port at night under the lights.
We encountered a huge crowed on our way out to Georgia St. It was Night of Lights event, a kind of pre-Christmas gathering for the kids and their parents. Looked like it was organized by B. C. firefighters. Christmas lights were being displayed, train ride was available and music and food was being offered as well as other things, mostly as mentioned for the kids. It take a whole lot more time to see all the Park including its Beaver Lake and the Aquarium. We left them for another visit.
(Photo: I couldn't get a better shot of the totems in a gray, dark and gloomy evening of Vancouver!)

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