Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Bussiness Called APEGA

I have written this N. P. P. E. of APEGA two times. Ones I had a very bad result because I was not prepared enough and the other time I was almost certain that I would pass it but failed again! I kicked (not kissed) it goodbye since that time. The exam is a hit now and on the other hand a big business. Passing N. P. P. E. and other requirements of APEGA and possibly other professional organizations in the other provinces does not necessarily mean that you're a good Engineer. It's not because I couldn't pass the damn exam. It's a hard exam to pass but it doesn't prove anything. And I have seen that at work. This asshole that works here, a chicken shit, he can not even write a simple report free from grammatical errors and is graduated from a 4th class university in Canada that I had never heard about it prior to knowing him. But he's a Professional Engineer. What a shame! The other ones are not much better than him. In fact the entire team is a bunch of ignorants who simply copy documents from previous projects and create new documents!
But the fact is this title, P. Eng., opens many doors and I have to write it if I want a better job with a better salary or if I want to stay in this business at all. So I have to stop being lazy and start studying but need to activate my file first. In fact I decided to do something else which is long time overdo, before that. I will write about it later.

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