Monday, November 28, 2011

A Very Disappointing Coffee Experience

It was a long time that I wanted to try this Wave Coffee until we gave it a try on Sun. eventually: A complete waste of time and money and a total discomfort.This new coffee house that they have tried to make it something like Starbucks, Good Earth or Second Cup was a combination of low quality design and everything else that you would not want in a coffee shop that you usually go to to have a few minutes of relaxed time.
We went in a mild and dry day. Not cold, no snow or rain. Surprisingly the cafe was as hot as an convention oven! The floor was wet and slippery. I though someone had moped it but they usually put a safety sign around. Nothing could be seen. So I figure out that water has spilled from a jar that was there for customers!!
Who the hell serves cold water in a plastic Wal-Mart/Dollar Store jar any more? Am I living in Mogadishu or Karachi? Then they had this display with a few different types of pastries with totally unreasonable prices. A very thin slice of a regular cake for over $4! Are you kidding me! The idiots could not even provide a nice price tag. It was written on a dirty piece of yellowish paper with a grade 3 handwriting!
The stupidity does not end here. Two people came to us to get our order and each ask different questions and at times same ones! For a moment I felt like I am in one of those sessions that there are up to four people interviewing you and each ask a different question!
At the other side there were three young eastern-European fellas sitting talking very loudly in their native language and presumably enjoying a themselves after years of depression under a Communist regime. The coffee was a total disaster and the table that we were using was loose. I felt I am on a boat in a stormy day. It did not take more than 10 minutes that I hated there. Then this very tall guy came in with his Cowboy boots. He ordered something and started marching around the room! You could feel that the entire room was shaking!

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