Sunday, November 06, 2011

Royal India

We decided to eat out last night so we went to a Indian restaurant in Downtown which was known to us from a classmate: Royal Indian. It was a disappointing experience. The food was not good compare to the little Indian restaurant we had eaten in previously and it was not hot. We decided buffet over the restaurant because going over the menu and reading all the explanations would not help in a situation like but that didn't change the result. It's $17.00 and something for each person and of course you'll add the tip. Indian foods are known for their hot and spicy flavours but out of 10 different meals that I tried at least 6 of them, there was not even one spicy food. It's like eating Sushi with no rice flavour or Hamburger when you do not have the taste of Beef in the patties! F. F. didn't like it at all and neither did I.
We went back home and because I was too tired I slept or better to say we slept early. We both were very tired, may be around 10:30 PM. So we woke up early this morning and I had a very bad feeling from the damn food from the last night. Stomach sickness prevailed the sleepiness in the morning. I had that feeling all the morning until I took a trip to the washroom around 10:40 AM and that was relief.
So in the nutshell if you want to try Indian cuisine, I suggest you not waste your time and money in Royal Indian, especially if you go early, you will have to pay for parking. Don't be fooled by the nice chairs and vase and good decoration and atmosphere. When I mentioned this issue the guy who was giving me the check he said that because most of his customer were Canadians from the offices around and they eat during the day, he had to stay away from spicy foods! He added that he and his family did not eat spicy food. What a nonsense! I should have told him, but didn't. I gave him a $2.5 tip for a little more than $40 meal for two. I, perhaps should have kept it to minimum. Another thing is that the waitresses would go to you and want to take your plate. Something that I didn't see in the other Indian restaurant. May be with the intention of preventing you from eating more. We ignored them partially, insisting that we wanted out plates or let it go and went and got a clean one!

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