Saturday, November 19, 2011

Run in the Chill!

I decided to go for my regular jogging despite the fact that I had not have enough sleep last night, not more than 4.5 hours, at the most and also It was chilly. -17 C which was felt -29 C with windchill. So I went to a Sportcheck to buy a pair of gloves. I thought that would be the only thing I needed. I have to mention though that MEC is closer to me and I went there first but their parking was so crowded and I also had to pay a dollar for the parking, meaning parking, getting off the vehicle, going to the dispenser, buying, walking back to the vehicle, putting the receipt on the dash and walking back to the store! So I said fuck them. I drove for about 5 to 7 min. where there were lots of free parking spaces and bought a pair of Columbia Omni-Heat gloves. It cost me almost $52 but I assume I can wear them for as long as I live in Calgary.
Anyways I went and parked where CBC Building is and started my jogging alongside the slush Bow River toward west. This time the wind was not being felt I guess because it was so could that you would feel it everywhere but again I was generally OK and did my 20 min. and even a bit more very efficiently. The gloves though are not as good as I expect them. I could still feel the cold through the fabric but I think it helped to finish the job. Rather than that I had my ear muffs that I had bought them last Jan. or Feb. and my tuque from the previous work in B. C.
But walking then is different. I walked from the corner of 8th St. and 1st. Ave. SW to the Bankers Hall to take a photo and I did not have ear muffs and gloves on and I was about to die! Going and coming back did not take more than 10 min. I guess.
(Photo: The giant snow flake hanging from the structures in 8th Ave., between the 2nd and 3rd Street looks nice. The real snow flakes though are not 3 dimensional like this one!)

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