Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We watched the new Clint Eastwood's movie, him as director, not actor, called Edgar, about the first director of the FBI. It was a bit tiring, especially for F. F. who doesn't know much about the States history. I had a little knowledge and could digest most of the movie. Eastwood's movies are usually good but at times I think he could do a bit better. For example Letters From Iwo Jima is an incredible movie, while Gran Torino is not what you expect from Eastwood after seeing that. Again Edgar was OK but not a kind of movie that I want to buy its DVD. DiCaprio as John Edgar Hoover plays well but during the movie a question arouse because he was saying that the Bureau needed more power to fight Communism and I wondered what Communists were doing there in the States in 1919! The Russian Revolution was ended in 1917 and I don't believe that the spread was fast enough to encourage people to start bombing and demonstrations in different The US cities!

Then after talking to my colleague an old Canadian gentleman who had been through all that shit, I realized that Americans would call anybody who opposed them a Communist! Like today that whoever looks like an Arab is called Middle Eastern and Terrorist! The US has to have an enemy all the time. They have to keep the people in a constant fear, so they can rule! That's what also Stone refers to in his JFK movie as well as Moore in his Fahrenheit 9/11.

Anyway it appears after watching the movie that Edgar is the one that the US owes him a lot for establishing the FBI that you can see today. That's all and the movie is an appreciation to him. However it is also revealed that many things that he claimed that he had done, actually had not been done by him but he took the credit. His homosexuality, I don't know if it was being hidden from the public or not, was the side subject as well.

(Photo: Eastwood directs DiCaprio and a young actress on set of Edgar)

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