Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yam Chips

Since everyone tries to combine some disgusting crap to sell it to the poor people and make money, I have decided to stay away from outside food and I do unless it is absolutely necessary to eat outside. One of the foods that you can find different types of it in the market is Chips. The best chips to my knowledge and experience is Lays. The rest I stay away, especially Pringles. They make different chips from different sources for example Banana Chips which has been the worst that I've ever had. Corn Chips and Potato Chips are usually OK but depends on the company and as said I prefer Lays. Apple Chips and other shit they all contain too much preservative and chemicals. So today I tried something new myself: Yam Chips!
All you need is Yam and Olive Oil, or any other kind of cooking oil but I rather that one as considered the healthiest. Just simply pour some in your frying pan and turn the hub on to low and then medium. try not to burn the oil. peel the Yam, wash it and cut it in thin layers and put them on the pan. Wait until they are golden or brown and then flip them. That's all. ready to eat. Doesn't even need salt or pepper! You may add a little ketchup but that is just for the time you are tired of the Yam's flavor and want to have a variety.
(Photo: A few of the pieces went too brown but I still like them. Don't overheat or over-fry them. Some don't like burnt ones)

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