Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Few Movies For Different Tastes

Have watched a few movies recently. Since I normally write about the ones I watch, I decided to write the last recent ones in this table. May be helps someone to pick what he or she likes:

Watched in/on
(in this genre)
I didn't like the ghost part when the victim tells the story. I find other works of Kurosawa better.
Identity theft
I had good laughs. Average comedy.
8 Miles
No Rating
I usually do not watch this type of movies as I am not a big fan of Rap and Hip Hop and smoking weeds and shits like that. This movie truly shows what many societies in the US look like. Dirty streets, jobless people, drug and alcohol abuse, gun violence, etc. Many think everyone who lives in North America knows about these stuff but many don't even in Canada. The picture people have of the US is just Golden State Bridge, Sunset Boulevard, Statue of Liberty, NBA Courts with pack-jammed seat, etc. Rarely people see the true US and 8 mile might help them to understand
The Life of David Gale
No Rating
I do not know what to say about this movie. It has a few good actors and actresses but the story is not very attractive although the end is not what you expect. Rather than that it seems a bit unbelievable that a bunch of people sitting in an office all day long do nothing but death watching! Seems a bit phoney especially in the US although many might say those organizations exist but who would sacrifice him or herself for somebody else who is sitting on a death row!? really!
(Photo: This picture shows a scene in the 1951 movie of A. Korusawa, Rashomon)

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