Saturday, April 13, 2013

Workplace Stories (5): Victory and Disappointment

I had a little discussion with one of the colleagues this week. He is one of those who thinks he's the best and knows everything. For a reason or two a higher-ranked officer in the organization got involved and he asked me to notify him of his mistake and also ask him the contractor change the way it performs work. I did so but the guy came back with the same stupid answer he had given to me. I was in the process of sending him a message saying if he was blind to see what I had written which was the boss's order, it was not my issue. While I was preparing my message, that the boss who came down with a slap in the face and shut him down!
My buddy showed me his approval with a thump up but the Repulsive Turd came to me with his stupid argument as why I originally started this discussion with the pretentious guy. I defended myself and he admitted I was right somehow because I had obeyed the Big Brother's direct order. I also thanked him and promised that I would change the way I would communicate with my fellow co-workers. But what I realized what this asshole is quite afraid of these guys sitting on a different floor mainly because, as he said, they might go to the VP and complain about the tone of our messages(!) and the VP in turn might kick our asses, even up to termination! I realized he is so afraid and is very conservative. With this jarhead guy we have a VP and the way the run their business and treat their employees, especially after knowing that the organization has just lost a big business opportunity, I would not be surprised today, If I heard that the entire department of us is dissolved and everyone is asked to go home and rest!
I was talking to my buddy a few months back and he said that the fucked up VP had told him that he was not expecting us much to do while he is keeping us on board. This was said to my buddy when he had asked for a raise! I have not heard such a pathetic answer and for me there's nothing more disappointing than hearing that I am hired simply because the firm thinks they should have someone like me! For me if there's no job satisfaction, there's nothing else very important and that's why I'm planning to leave.

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