Thursday, April 25, 2013

An Interview After More Than 2 Years!

I had an interview last week. That was the first one in my field after a long time. I was hoping to manage it properly but now after a few days in seems that I screwed up. The problem was that the interviewer pointed at one specific standard and asked me if I had worked around that area of knowledge and I said that I was familiar but had not worked in the proximity of it!
Ushof believes that I should have lied and expressed clearly that I knew the standard but I don't know. I think that was a stupid question because the standard or code covers a very wide range of expertise. It is similar to asking someone if he is familiar with ISO Standard!! That is the dumbest question ever!
I think that could have been a good opportunity. There would be more work, longer hours, less, similar or just a bit more money but that would make a very good experience in the resume. I had applied for 5 positions prior to that. Not even a ring. And now I easily lost this one and don't know when the next one might come.

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