Saturday, April 27, 2013

Strange Dream (2)

I had difficulty sleeping the other night (It was the same last night as well). On that night I made a kind of beef Steak meal with Caramelized Onion which tasted really good and we both enjoyed it. It had been a long time that we had not have red meat because we are trying very hard to cut that from our daily portion and reduce it to one meal per week. That main reason is for me is this stupid issue with Gout.
So we had the dinner and in 2 or maybe 3 hours hit the bed. I started struggling, tossing and turning and could not sleep and eventually around, what time was it I don't know!, I had to go to bathroom and take a dump! My assumption had been me having some Red Rice with my Steak would help me digest better then sleep tight but obviously it did not work the way I had anticipated. F. F. does not like Red Rice but it's awesome meal because unlike White Rice in comes in whole grain.
Then I don't know how long passed and I fell sleep and the strange dream started. I saw this Ukranian woman of our office, kind of naked(!) she is slim but in the stupid dream she was naked so you even could count her ribs! Then I realized that she was even naked from the waist down and I noticed her hole and believe me under the circumstances I could not tell if it was the front or back, but it most likely was the front because I saw her ugly face too (she is not pretty at all) and the hole was big, I mean huge! It was disgusting! I don't remember the rest of the story but then what I remember it was F. F. who jumped up the bed, kind of yelling Shit! It was almost a quarter to 09:00! I jumped out of the bed, washed up, dressed and ran to work.  
This reminded me of that Seinfeld story in which a marathon runner a friend of Elaine's, was staying with Jerry because he had been warned he might miss his big match, the New York Marathon, if he stays with Elaine. He spends the night at Jerry's but regardless of all the measurements which had been taken he wakes up almost the same way that we did and barely makes the match. It is awesome episode like most of the Seinfeld's. 
(Photo: The character who plays Jean Paul from Trinidad and Tobago sitting with Jerry Seinfeld at a both discussing how he missed his Barcelona marathon!)

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