Friday, April 19, 2013

Johar (simplified for Dzhokhar)

Today as soon as I heard about the suspect being from somewhere in Central Asia, I realized what kind of piece of crap, wild animal the Boston Police is dealing with. It immediately reminded me of another piece of stinking shit from Chechen whom was killed by Russians, Dzhokhar Dudayev!
I remember from the 90s when the war was going on between the Russians and these motherfucker animal nasty murderers of Chechen (Not that the Russians are much nicer than them!) this asshole was killed when his conversation with a Satellite Phone was tracked by a Russian reconnaissance aircraft. The shithead dumb ass, being so fucking ignorant probably never knew that the all the conversations through satellite communication is traceable to the source and was cut to pieces!
The funny thing about the criminal is that different places in a few neighbouring countries have been named in honour of him! The funnier thing about the whole Chechen War in the 90s was that Iran never supported Chechens with anything although the Islamic Republic's policy have been always the support and aid of Muslim countries or groups who are fighting against others, more specifically non-Muslims. Examples would the support of Iraqi insurgents against Americans, the allegation which has been always denied by Iran, Support of Hezbollah in Lebanon against their conflict with Israel, Support of Bosnians in Balkan War and a few more.
It is clear that Iran would not be able to make the slightest move in support of motherfucker murderers of Chechen, having very good relationship with Russia especially for Bushehr Nuclear Facility and arms and ammunition purchases.
On the other hand Arab motherfuckers of UAE and Saudi Arabia as well as piece of crap jealous government of Turkey were supporters of Chechen rebels.
Having said a short history of the Chechens, I still can not understand why a piece of crap motherfucker from that region of Central Asia called Caucasus would turn against the country which let him in, got him a place to live and gave him the opportunity to grow. These two motherfucker animals would have been dead by now, if they had not fled their native Caucasus region 12 years ago. They in fact should have been very thankful to the US that lets everyone in without proper checking. The other thing is why the security around such a big event should be so lame that two motherfucker pieces of stinking crap could do such a thing to innocent bystanders and athletes!
Chechen War was a horrible one especially both sides hating each other to the most and crimes and brutality such is Balkan War occurred which not much have been said about that and that is not the intention of this post.
I'm just hoping these are not just stories made up by the FBI or BPD and these guys are not patsies. Otherwise I will not have any faith in Americans authorities.
(Photo: Dzhokhar Dudayev, the guy who claimed himself the president of Chechen with the flag of independent Chechen Republic in the back and hand-made rug, sitting with his aids, possibly answering the questions of a reporter or journalist)

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