Sunday, April 28, 2013

Awesome Pranks for Workplace: 1- The Stoned.

I just thought of two amazing pranks that could be used at work. In fact I am trying to see if The Italian could join me to do this! I have to talk to him. One of them in fact was mentioned to me by a high school classmate years after we both had graduated. The other one came to my mind when thinking or a prequel(!) to the old high school classmate's. The perfect way would be using mine which I am going to call it The Stoned here and the second one which comes after that and is called The Deceased. Here are they are supposed to work:
Story 1:
Characters: 1- The sick guy (played by me)
                   2- The Physician (Played by The Italian or whomever found)
Both characters must be excellent is acting and fluent in English, especially the physician since he has to do most of the talking. A female character can easily play that character as well. I just didn't mention in the first place because I know of no one who possibly can do this. Not that The Italian most definitely do it! He is a little tight in terms of dealing with law and regulation, if I'm not mistaken. He might find it unprofessional, unlawful or unethical but we'll see.
a. The physician's business card.
b. A Clip Recorder or Voice Recorder. the later is preferred.
c. Cane, cast or crutch. It is optional. The need for this will be later clarified at Planning Stage. We are at Feasibility Study Stage at the moment!
You have been recently in a car accident, a very bad one, for instance a head-on collision and you are the only survivor of the crash. You spent more than six month, may be more in a hospital including a 3-week period in ICU. you had several fractured bones and you have forgotten everything in the past completely. Your physician is helping you to recover. One of the daily recommendations is to get active in the daily life and try to associate with the ones that you used to, so maybe this helps to improve the memory and go back to normal life. Your physician first talks to the manager of the company and then the H. R. or vise verse and gets their permission to bring you to the office at least 2 times a week for a period of not more than 1 hour each and he walks you around, takes you to different department to see if you recognize anybody, asks them to talk to you. As obvious as it is these visits should be all supervised and the entire time should be video taped to record the reactions for further studies(!) The goal in fact is recording the former (or may be the present!) colleague's reactions and laugh at them later. For that matter, may be a third person is required. This cinematographer should have expertise in filming in a way that no one realizes that they are the target of this scam.
This visit repeats may be for a month or more, depending on the number of the people being teased and permission given by the management of the company. The physician, as I explained should convince the management and other guys in the work that they have to grant this permission, this guy has spent quite a time in this company and has given so much. No the company's help is needed and nonsense like that. I am hundred per cent sure that The Italian is perfect candidate for this job but I'm not just sure if he accepts it. He is very good at talking and negotiation. That is how he easily managed his jobs in Sheriff, Corrections and so.
I, as the patient, the survivor of a horrible crash, The Stoned, would not have any issue playing the role. This will be so funny to see the hoe's reaction when I am there as a guy who may never recover.
The second story will be narrated separately in a different post but tell me how you like it and what you think. Is this feasible? what might go wrong? etc.
For your information and in case you did not know, projects have normally different steps. That is how I list the major steps for me:

1- Concept idea and general development.
2- Feasibility Study.
3- Planning.
4- Performance.
5- Conclusion.
6- Evaluation and documentation.
(Photo: Robert De Niro in Awakenings. I have not watched the movie and intend to buy the disk but with the sneak picks I have had so far, I believe that my character should be something similar to De Niro's in that movie!)

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