Sunday, April 07, 2013

The (Late) Chocolate Bar

There was this asshole, fugitive, pretentious, Iranian guy, most likely from one of those Communist groups, someone who probably made up fake stories and seek asylum in Canada who used to run this little café at the corner of 17th Ave., and 14th St., SW, called the Chocolate Bar.
I was once there with a Afghan friend of mine for a cup of coffee and the shithead said offensive things implying that he didn't want me in the café! I had never seen the guy before and nothing happened during the few minutes we sat there for the coffee but I never knew the reason behind his hostility. After all he did something wrong to himself because there are hundreds if not thousands of places in Calgary that you could go for a cup of coffee while there are tens if not hundreds of people I would prevent them from going there.
The funny part about these guys is if they are communist, why would they chose Canada for a place to crash!? Why wouldn't they go to Cuba, China or before that the former Soviet Union!? May be because it's only the Government of Canada who let every liar shithead in after they just make up a story. Anyways in the last few years I realized that his business was going down the hill. It was not that I was going there every week. I actually lived far away from that place for a long time but in the past two years I realized that there are mostly one or two of the tables occupied. I didn't even pay attention to see if that guy still is there or not. I guess I saw him from distance only once, if that was him. Then I realized that they had added sandwich and soup to their menu by advertising it on the windows but that was too late. According to the reviews in Urbanspoon the service was very bad and slow and the food was unreasonably expensive. in addition to that the guys attitude stunk! So when last week I was driving by and realized that there was a new business to be started, I was not surprised. May be the guy made enough money and left or may be he lost plenty and had to shut it down. Whatever the case he is a jackass. I'm happy he did not succeed in a way to run the business for longer.
(Photo: The busy corner of 17th Ave. and 14th St., SW where a good business could be up and running for year and in fact the Chocolate bar was, at least for more than 10 year in my knowledge and may be even longer but now it is ceased to existence!)

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