Sunday, April 21, 2013

Running for Boston

 I went for my regular jogging to Bow River Path as usual yesterday. There were people around although it was cold for a Spring day. I realized lots of smiles and nodding and then saw a few running with T-Shirts on reading Running for Boston. In fact on my way to the path I had realized that there was a supporting run for the victims of Boston bombing yesterday but I was late to join.
Nevertheless I decided to do a Bridge to Bridge Run instead of my normal 20 or 25 min. run. For that reason I started from Crowchild Tr. pedestrian bridge, crossed Bow River to its south bank, took myself to 14th St. Bridge, crossed to the northern back and ended up at the same spot. The entire run took me a little more than 00:20:30.
I have decided to try this way of running instead of the usual time-based and see how it is working for me.
(Photo: Bow River Path and Downtown Calgary at the end of the first month of Spring. Temperature was around 0 ̊ C and this morning about -7 ̊ C!)

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