Friday, May 03, 2013

Awesome Pranks for Workplace: 2- The Deceased.

I wrote about the good prank that I will probably perform it at my work, if everything is available. This one is the sequel(!) to it. In fact it could be performed independently but will be more fun if done shortly after the first one, or may be not shortly. I think if the people were given enough time to almost get out of the shock of the first one, the second strike would have a better effect.
This one is pretty simple and I'm not going to list everything. You are now dead and you have this time a close friend of a family member who comes to the office and talks about the H. R. guys informing them of your death. He or she will have to get a permission to have a some kind of shrine at your work station(!) You know with flowers, candles and a photo of you with a black ribbon put on the right top corner(!) and of course a memory book or something like that!
That should remain for a specific period of time and it should be said that it is a tradition and since providing specific food is a tradition as well, a dish of dates or any other traditional snack would be put beside everything. People are asked to pay their visit and let's limit it to 2 weeks, have some snack and leave something in the notebook. Everything is picked up after two weeks and the work station will go back to its normal situation.
Now it should be decided what the final part of this scenario should be? Should the company let know of the prank by for example you popping up!? Or should you let it be and completely forget about it and may be bump to someone from the work later and completely deny everything and tell him that you are sure that he is joking!? Or may be something more exciting should be planned!

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