Monday, May 13, 2013

Oblivion Strikes Your Vision and Imagination

I went to see Oblivion tonight. It was a long 2-hour movie and I got lost as it was ending! Story is one weakness of the movie. Normally if there is a sole actor or actress who performs in most of the scenes, it makes the movie a bit tedious because you see him or her and all! Rather than that as I said I got lost at the end because the music got over the dialogues. The scenes, the visual, special and sound effects were all amazing and the guys have really worked on it but there were a few scenes that while watching you could say that you had seen it. For example the scene that the three drones were chasing the Jack Harper, kind of reminded me of that chase scene in Star Wars, don't know which episode but everyone who has see all of the Start Wars movies, knows what I am talking about or that scene where Harper goes down the hole and sees those eyes reminded me of the creatures in the original Star Wars (1977) with robes and when he is shown handcuffed to a chair and the lights get turned on reminded me of the Waterworld sense with Denis Hopper! But I guess that is silly to just try to correlate everything to a past movie because everything reminds of something in the past in a way. I will but the DVD when the first wave of high price is down(!) to enjoy the scenes and find out exactly what happened at the end. Overall it is hard to rate the movie but it is recommended to catch if you are a science-fiction fan.
(Photo: Top Cruise as Jack Harper is a drone repairman in the movie Oblivion)

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