Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tracing Back the Steps

I told myself to go and find the route that I used to take to go to South Glenmore Park back to 2003 every weekend, today. I used to ride my now stolen mountain bike from 17A St. to the park even in cold winter days. So I drive to road that is parallel to Glenmore Dr. and park there. For information it is adjacent to the close-by Golf course(!) So I parked there and passed over Glenmore from the overpass and then I tried to remember where I used to go. So step by step and gradually I followed the Glenmore Pathway parallel to the beautiful  Earl Grey Golf Club and after about 25 minutes may be I was there. The closer I got, the more familiar my surrounding looked like. I realized that the reservoir does not have as much water as it used to, or may be it was just a feeling. I just took a few photos and ran the way back to the vehicle which only took 10 minutes. 
From left Pahlavi II, the King of Iran, Houari Boumedianne the then Algerian Foreign Minister and one of the biggest criminals of the history, Saddam at the time of signing the 1975 Algeria Treaty which determined the Iranian-Iraqi border. Saddam later in 1980 tore the treaty paper as a symbolic gesture on TV and invaded Iran on 22-Sep-1980 , starting a war which as Iran refused the ceasefire after more than a year, caused more than 1,000,000 casualties and billions of dollar damages to both nations. Why Iran refused the end of the war after the libation of Khoram-shahr is a big dispute which should be subject of another post. 
(Photo, top: Golf courses all have a very relaxing and beautiful environment. That is why many elderly choose this sport for their spare time. This is part of the Earl Grey Golf Club close to Glenmore Park which remind me of the very famous Earl Grey Tea. That was very popular and was considered a good gift back to the time I was a little kid in the old country. I remember my aunt's husband used to bring a box every time he visited us. He was an army officer serving in a border town. I guess this memory goes back to 1975 when there was conflicts between Iran and Iraq, It was a border disputes which resulted in signing of the famous 1975 Algeria Treaty between the King of Iran, Pahlavi and Saddam)

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