Sunday, May 19, 2013

Moving for New Customers

I saw this woman's advertisement a few times, back to the time I resided in British Columbia in the local papers advertising for the service she provided. She indicated each time that she was leaving the country and I guess for that reason she was giving break in her service price. It was kind of strange because once someone is here in Canada especially the one who had a miserable life in his or her original country, they barely want to leave unless they go to Australia, the US or somewhere in Europe. The first one rarely happens and for the second one the person should be really lucky to get a better position in there to go and Europe is only the destination for the western Europeans, for example Germans who are going back to their own country. Other than the mentioned ones, people barely go back to their hometown of the original country unless their situation is really bad or they have made good money so they go and retire over there. It is common within African guys here. They come as refugees, get the Government money for years and then work hard without spending much, save a lot and considering the exchange rate, they go back and live a life of dreams! For a Chinese woman who came to Canada on what basis, I don't know, and gives massage and maybe more, I can see her going back only if she has made enough money to go and start a small business in a small town over there.
Anyways I saw the woman's advertisement a few times in Calgary Sun and that was her! She had not gone back to China but moving to Alberta to make money, probably. I didn't see the same advertisement in the passed few weekends that I spent in a McDonald's for my coffee so I assume the new business has not grown for her, may be here. I remember part of the advertisement in the B. C. paper was that she would not provide any sexual pleasure, which I believe it means she would(!) but here I didn't see that. May be she shows up in the paper again or may be she's running the business with no need for an advertisement on a local paper. 

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