Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Pond

I decided to have a walk last night as I had spent most of the day at home and at the damn desk doing nothing positive with my time but watching clips and other shit(!) but I wanted to go when it was cool, having a 22 ̊ C temperature most of the day! So I checked Weather Network and I realized that sunset would be around 21:03. I left home shortly after that and headed to Nose Hill.
It was getting dark in the park and that's the time that people mostly or all start leaving except the silly ones who just park in the parking lots and sit in the vehicle! I never understood why someone would drive all the way to a countryside, a national park or a park like Nose Hill and just sit the fuck down in the fucking vehicle!
Anyways as I was walking up the hill from the east entrance and going toward sun, I heard waterfowl bird's noise and also probably frogs singing continuously! It was strange because I knew there was no stream, lake or pond in the park but I changed my path my way and apparently there it was! We have not had much snow and rain in the winter although it got really cold most of the time, in fact until the last week. I don't know how that much water got accumulated and made that pond. I just walked around and then continued toward south and then headed back to the vehicle. I just don't know why I did not have confidence to walk around in the dark. I keep a flashlight in the vehicle but I forgot to take it. The most you may face in a park like Nose Hill is a Coyote or a kind of Deer and they are harmless as far as I know but I went back and ended the walk just after almost 45 minutes. I didn't want to fall and break my ankle or any other part so ended it soon although I had decided to go all the way to the west side of the park. I may do that later.
(Photo: The discussed pond around the time of sunset in Nose Hill park)

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