Thursday, May 02, 2013

Let's Not Meet Tomorrow!

I was at work today when the telephone rang in the morning. There was a lady on the other side of the line, a recruiter. The opening question, unlike the last time was why I wanted to leave the current job. I didn't tell her that this job is like spending 8 hours in an stinking public toilet. I simply said that the Project I was involved in was about to finish and I was looking for a new position, adding that I had realized that it was a tough market. She confirmed that it was a tough market and added that she would like to meet with me in her office tomorrow. I didn't mind that so we set up the time.
Then somehow we got to this point that I told her that I had previously had two interviews but none resulted in a job offer. She asked me what companies they had been. I didn't mind telling her that I had this interview and it turned out that she was hiring for that position too! Damn!
It appears that the company had not been able to find candidate so they contacted these guys and this guy in turn advertised it and after I sent my resume, she found it attractive enough to call me and set a preliminary interview! This means that my resume is good but I have to work harder and look more to get what I deserve.
My buddy at work sent me the invitation to this years Job Fair and we are most likely going together. I had registered even before he sent it to me but having with my politics, I didn't want to make him upset or anything and thanked him for sending it to me!

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