Sunday, May 05, 2013

Awesome Pranks For Workplace: 3- The Prequel, The Found

I thought of a prequel to the previous two stories that I have said would be great to use them. This actually completes the others and makes a perfect fun. I still am looking for an opportunity to do this but the first step is to find a job because without a job, there will be no fun!
Anyhow this is the part one the trilogy(!) called The Found: You find a job and instead of giving your one or two weeks notice you ask for a leave of absence or vacation. A leave of absence for a family emergency would work because no company gives a vacation without enough being notified long enough before the scheduled date. You then go to your new job and start regularly, after a few weeks, depending on the length of vacation or leave, your partner in the scenario gives a call and states that you just have been found in a car wreckage, a result of a bad accident and you are the only survivor. You are in a Coma and no information, including ID has been found on you rather the information which led to your employer's contact information. It could be a colleague's telephone number, a business card or anything else. They just called, let's say a local authority, to get contact information for you. Regardless of the company's reaction, you remain in critical but stable condition until the time you feel you can take a day off from your new job or may be only 2 hours. You go to the previous job and play your role in the second part, The Stoned and after that of course it will come The Deceased(!)
These all three wonderful stories will make a perfect fun. It will be really interesting to see the faces of your colleagues, let's say a few months after you finish demonstrating the trilogy! Those would be good subjects for postings!
(Photo: I usually use a picture to complete my post but this time I thought it would really not be a pleasant scene to see! Someone lying on a bed waiting, without knowing, for his or her fate, is no fun. Instead I use this chart which shows a Coma time line. In fact this first part of the trilogy could also be titled Coma!)

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