Monday, May 27, 2013

My Continuous Battle with Insurance Companies

There are big struggles in (North) American way of life (not that I'm living that life to the most at the moment!) which applies to almost everyone. Many may not be much affected by them but it's hard to believe so. In the meantime these issues exists at the other corners of the world, more or less with differences. They are:
1- Mortgage (Rent is less sever than that)
2- Health Services.
3- Damn Insurance.
4- ...
Insurance has been so far the most challenging for me and who knows how many times I have had problems with different insurance companies so far. The last one that I'm telling it here is the auto insurance. I had been trying to get a better deal until last month that I found this broker. The company I had purchased insurance from and more specifically the agent was very rigid. It was Our Way or Highway policy. I had the insurance for a whole year and then when I asked to have a little break on the second term, the second term, I didn't see much flexibility. I had to deal with another asshole before that and didn't get any result. The fucking bitch said to me that I have to sell my car as I apparently cannot afford insurance. So I got with this one and as I said she didn't show any assistance. I contacted another fucking whore and that motherfucker didn't even bother answering after the second or third e-mail. Then once I got this paper in the mail which said if I only get a quote from this company, I will receive a gift card and I said to me why not. So I contacted and eventually I had a good quote from them which seemed helping me by saving almost $600 annually! But just right after I cancelled the insurance with the current company the problems started. First of all when I called the woman I was told that she was on vacation and she would not be back until June or July! So I said that would be great. She realizes that she has lost a customer right after she comes back and that would kind of ruin her vacation. I received the remaining months cheque for over $1000 soon after the cancellation and received a temporary Pink Card for a month. But the month ended and I did not receive the yearly card in the mail so I contacted the new bitch and she send me another temporary for another 1 month! 
She requested the history of the time that I drove a commercial vehicle and I finally could get that but now she is asking me to remove the history of one small accident that I had from another time that I drove another commercial vehicle and I have to get that as well. Seems that these problems with the insurance companies are never ending. If i was single, it would be a different situation. I drove without insurance for over 2 years and a half once, I guess but now I can not do that! 
It is good that we do not have to pay for our health insurance in this province at the moment but I can see that being added to the list of or expenses soon and that will be when I am going to have another problem in my list! 

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