Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Heritage Park

This past week we were given to discover Heritage Park. I had been there once with Hojam but that was not a good experience and was completely different. Free admission was available for everyone through Safeway and it was a cold cloudy day. We went there and a free breakfast was included the admission, I remember. It was probably 2005 or 2006. I must check the previous posts. Then we entered to the supposedly serving area where everyone was waiting. We were the only foreigners there and we didn't look good. Everyone was staring at us. I approached the receptionist or whomever was in charge and announced our presence, not that he had not noticed! He indicated that he would add two more orders to the list and doodles something on the paper he had in front of him. We simply turned back and walked out! I also remember seeing one of the coworkers who took the bus every day with us. He was with is family and seeing us there simply was a embarrassment for him He simply nodded and passed! I guess I took a few photos with my old Yashika but figured that would not possible because I have nothing in my possession now. Maybe they gone dark and bad. Anyways we ended our trip shortly and left. Thinking thoroughly I guess Hojam had an old Jeep in those days and he drove us there but I can't recall any more detail. 
Fall Foliage in Heritage Park
This time's experience was completely different. I went with The Lady not with a stinking stupid hobo-like man. There was an old lady, a volunteer I suppose, these people are simply incredible, who greeted us and directed us and we went to a tent where we got ourselves a coffee. We also checked the Gasoline Museum which was very interesting. All those old pumps, canteens, cars, trucks, etc showed how life was once in West. The majority of the vehicles and stuff in the museum has been donated by a businessman of Calgary whom I cannot remember his name unfortunately. These were not new to us because we had the experience of Glenbow Museum but still enjoyable.
It was a nice sunny day, not too hot and not too cold with an enjoyable breath. We walked a little bit and then had our catered lunch which was OK. We had been told all of the rides would be free so we got on the Steamboat for a ride. The ride to our surprise was longer than what we expected and we enjoyed the fall scenery of the park. 
Heritage Park is generally a nice place to visit for the families with kids. They can get on trains, carts, see their old way of living and shop in old style stores. It has lost of a good photography opportunities. In the museum they have tried to use the best of the space and they have put the objects, especially the cars too close together. In addition to that they have loaded the surrounding with signs, ropes and other stuff. For all these reasons photography in the museum is not very easy and enjoyable. Not to mention the lighting and annoying people around but overall Heritage Park is a place for families to enjoy. 
(Photo: One of the old cars displayed in the little museum of Heritage Park. This vehicle is preserved in an excellent condition. Unfortunately I can tell the brand. It must be very easy for the experts!)

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