Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Last Day

I went for a little jogging, the last day in this fucked up year(!) of 2015, to Stanley Park and saw a few guys turning part of Elbow River to an outdoor rink! It was not very cold and that made me wonder how the guys dared skating so freely and smoothly on the frozen river! 
I went and came back and by the time I was on Rideau Bridge again, they were almost done and even put their hockey nets on the ice! 
I have been feeling relatively down lately although my sleep has become normal since The Lady has come back. This is mainly due to being unemployment and the weather of course. The weather is always like this at this time of the year but now with being at home most of the day and wasting time, it feels bad. 
(Photo: This is taken from Rideau pedestrian bridge over Elbow Valley looking east. It is taken with this shity, stupid camera of my mobile phone(!) or maybe I don't know how to use it but for a fact I knew it has only 5 Mega pixels! One of the guys is shoveling the snow to the sides)

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