Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Deer in the Park

I went for a walk to South Glenmore Park yesterday after the disappointing morning in Mt. Baldy! It didn't work either! I was tired as I had waken up at 05:00(!) and couldn't walk much. The park was empty. Maybe one or two people. You know how disgusting people here really are. As soon as the temperature drops to 2 C, they are disappear! In contrast I was in the nearby mall for a few minutes and it was packed! Were they shopping? Some were but the majority I guess were just window shopping or at the most were getting something from the fast food joints. 
One disgusting motherfucker animal caught my attention. A piece of crap, ugly. motherfucker, whore Iranian woman with her little daughter. This ugly piece of crap who had dyed her hair blond was walking and her little daughter was crying and ask her to by her something. The ugly motherfucker, disgusting, shit-in-the-mouth turned to her and said: I hit you hard in the mouth in front of everyone! and the girl burst in to tears! This is how civilized these people are. This is how great these motherfucker's culture is. This is how they treat their kids and raise them. This animal was even uglier than the goats and sheep I saw in Crocus Coulee Stable and had dyed her hair blond. Everyone in the first 2 seconds after looking at him would guess that she was from a stinking shit-hole of Third World and she is Blond! The fact is, and I know I'm distracted from the main subject, many woman behave in a way that automatically prevents others from respecting them. In this specific example, this ugly motherfucker is not only ugly in feature but also ugly in behaviour. She is a child abuser and her daughter should be taken away from her and she must be punished for the way she treats kids. 
The Deer stopped grazing and gazed at me. She wanted to be sure that I was no threat
Anyways I was walking on the pathway, coming from the nearby Safeway, going towards the parking lot when in the corner of my eyes I noticed a Deer's head popped up! I froze. I always have a camera on but on this specific occasion I should have brought my big camera particularly because I have recently purchased a 75-300 mm Zoom Lens but I only have my little one!
I approached slowly and tried not to scare the Deer. She, I assume it was, had white dots on her necks which cannot be seen in this second photo. She was grazing in new spring grass and she rose her head and looked at me. I took a few more shots (including this one) and walked away, leaving the poor animal to enjoy itself.
(Photo, top: This is where the head of the Deer is seen. It is small but you can see it in the lower center of the photo)

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