Thursday, April 07, 2016

A Little Dough after 6 Months!

My last day at work was 07.Oct.2015. I filed for unemployment benefits immediately after that with my R. O. E. information. I received a message from the Government that I would not be eligible for the benefit for a long time since my last employer has given me a little money! OK! What could I do? I waited and waited and kept applying for jobs without any success! All I got was a few interviews. I eventually filed the first report in late April where I was told I would not be paid for that!!! Why? I didn't get a straight answer! Eventually the second report led to the deposition of a total of $880 two days ago! after almost 6 freaking months unemployment! Not bad ha? Imagine a person with a family, mortgage, other expenses. How could he survive? It must be tough. Newlywed is almost in my shoes with a big difference: He has a newborn, his in-laws are visiting them and his wife is out of work too because of maternity and gets nothing because she didn't have a full-time job, I guess. He complains that his expenses are too high and he needs a job but in the past 3 months that he has lost his job, he hasn't gotten even one single interview. He was laid off a month and half after me. Tough time for many.
(Photo: I've made Pizza dough a few times and it came out nicely. However unlike this picture I use Whole-Wheat Flour as it's way better for digestion and generally the body. Nevertheless this does not have anything to do with EI. I just like picture for posts! As long as there's a little relationship, it will be put up there!)

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