Saturday, April 23, 2016

Attempted Mt. Baldy (Kananaskis)

I was serious and determined to do Mt. Baldy in Kananaskis today after all these waste of time here and there in Alberta when I went to different places and no good hike or scramble came out of it. These idiots of so called hiking group that I found them through Meetup are nothing but a bunch of fucking coward, whimps who wake up at 09:00 AM and start for a trail-head at 10:00! So immature and disgusting! No doubt that they are bunch of lazy drunkards whom happen to know something new called hiking! 
Anyways I woke at 05:00 and by 05:15 I was on the road to Highway No. 1. I got a coffee on my way, as usual, and fortunately I found the trail-head easily this time. I started the hike at 06:35 by heading up the trail. The entire Barrier Lake and valley was covered in a thick fog. There was no other cars parked around showing that people were aware of the foggy and possibly rainy weather and stayed away. 
Kananaskis Valley, Highway # 40 and Barrier Lake are all covered under thick fog. The camera here is looking south.
The trail was not rough. After passing a couple of nicely constructed(!) cairns, I reached a rocky and open area which I was able to see the entire valley covered in fog! This was very intimidating at that point and I decided to return for the following reasons:
1- I was by myself, as usual, and I didn't have my helmet on.
2- There was no one within probably 2 kilometers or so!
3- The fog was thick and visibility was very limited.
4- The path was full of loose rocks and dirt and very exposed at most parts.
5- I realized a GPS-provided map would have helped in this specific case although I most of the time do lots of route finding. 

So I headed back down and I got in to the vehicle in less than one hour from that point. I told myself that now I know the trail-head and I know how the trail is like. I will come back later in a sunny day with helmet and information will conquer the damn summit.
(Photo, top: A cairn is seen in the photo taken in less than one hour on the trail of Mt. Baldy. It's fairly easy up until here and then a little while after this. The exposed area starts shortly after the 1 hour mark)

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